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Integrated Language Skills II

Grammar items are taught incidentally in reading, speaking and listening: review of parts of speech, basic tenses, perfect tenses, passive forms and transitional words and phrases.
Integrated Language Skills III
Grammar items are taught incidentally in writing, reading and speaking: parts of speech, subject-verb agreement, verb tenses. Yes/no and WH Questions, transitional words and phrases, clauses and passive voice
This course is designed to equip students with the necessary writing skills to help them improve their written English. This is conducted by integrating reading and speaking skills with the emphasis is on writing skills.
Topic: This subject consist 8 topics. The course introduces students to macroeconomics issues such as inflation, unemployment and international trade. It is designed to provide basic knowledge and understanding about fiscal as well as monetary policies and how these policy instruments can be used to influence macroeconomics activities and achieve macroeconomics objectives.

This course is designed to expose, prepare and equip students with the basic microeconomics techniques used in business and accounting. The topics covered in this course include introduction to economics, supply, demand and market equilibrium, elasticity, production theory of firms and market structures.

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